Testimonial from Cassie


Let me start out by saying that I have had chickens on and off for years, but bought a home with acreage in 2012 and got my first chickens in spring 2013. I had tried many different feeds throughout the years, and never was completely happy with any one feed. I would mix feeds, trying in vain to find something that my chickens actually enjoyed eating and kept them healthy. I tried many name brand feeds, even special ordered organic feed. Nope. 

This year I made the ultimate mistake on my poultry raising adventure. I did not quarantine two new chickens I got from a bad situation. This resulted in my entire flock becoming sick and me ultimately losing lots of money and two of my hens. My chickens lost a lot of weight just from being so sick for weeks, then went into a stress molt. My oldest Rhode Island red hen went from 3.5 pounds to 1.8 pounds. After I was certain everyone was over sickness, I tried many different feeds to up their protein and get them to gain the lost weight. I tried game bird feeds from other companies, everything from 22%-28% protein. My chickens didn't seem thrilled about eating any of it. They also stopped laying and I didn't see a single egg for over 2 months from my 11 laying hens. I had to actually buy eggs during this time period!

I went to my feed store and I asked the lady who owns it what she fed her chickens. She said she mixed some 22% crumbles from a local mill with Big V Game Cock Maintenance Feed. So, I tried this. I was impressed by the way the feed looked and smelled. I mixed the feed and my chickens acted like me when I go to Olive Garden with their breadsticks- no self-control. However, at the end of the day, there was still a lot of the crumbles being left in the feeder. They did not want to eat it, just picked around it to get to the Big V pellets and grains, and this stuff was NOT cheap! So, I got on Big V's website and looked at the different feeds. I asked my feed store if they could special order me a bag of Big V Poultry Maximizer so I could try it out. The first time I opened the bag, again I was impressed. Then I took it out that morning to feed my flock. Man. Those chickens acted like they had never eaten before. I may as well had thrown a handful of mealworms or scratch. They ate it all! The chickens actually liked something after two years of trying different feeds!

I took my skinny hen to have her weighed after being on Big V Poultry Maximizer for three weeks. Before the feed, she gained a measly 1 pound in two months. After three weeks of y'all's feed, she gained another 1.2lbs and is now at 3.8lbs. She looks fantastic. The other hens look great too and came out of the molt just after two weeks of the new feed. Now the best part: I got my first egg after about 3 months of not a single egg. I have not changed a single thing, no added light, nothing except the feed. Today, I got half my flock laying again. 

I am convinced this feed is what brought my chickens up to their great health again. You have a customer for life and I just wanted to say thank you!!


Rhonda Lawrence Moore reviewed Big V Feeds Inc.

I wanted to let big v feeds know that as of a week ago I switched from a well-known name brand rabbit pellet to big v rabbit pellet. I could not for life of me figure out why I was losing baby rabbits left and right. It had never happened before. We changed everything from cleaning methods and solutions for cages and food dishes to regulating temperature inside the room. As puzzled as I was I used social media to ask if anyone else had experienced any trouble with their baby bunnies. I was informed it could be my feed. I never in a million years would have come up with that as I trusted my name brand feed. However, I was desperate so I bought bag of big v from local feed store from the advice of Tiffany Brigance and some friends. My sick almost gone babies are now bouncy and bright eyed. It took couple of days but I truly believe big v feeds saved my baby bunnies. Big v feeds you now have a very happy new customer. Please don’t change a thing.

Deidre Motto reviewed Big V Feeds Inc.

We were forced to find another feed, after our feed company shut down their plant, and made the tonnage too much for our former feed store to be able to offer it anymore. After researching and seeing how similar the Heritage Senior was, I was apprehensive, but took the leap, and I have to say, our horses look great, the hard keepers have kept on the weight, and their coats have a great shine and bloom, even in the winter. We are paying less, and getting more, so thank you.

OSU Rodeo Team Coach Cody Hollingsworth, wife Katie Hollingsworth and daughter Sydney.

We have been so impressed with the low dust, high quality formula that includes amino acids and probiotics.  We have been able to reduce the additional supplements with this complete formula that assists with overall gut and digestion health in our competitive horses.  The additional of Lysine and Vitamin E helps our horses from getting stiff and sore during competition and hauling. Our daughter Sydney is currently competing on a 6 year old mare and a 16 year old gelding and both are running at the top of their game on Heritage Performance 14%!  Thank you Big V for your support of the OSU Rodeo Team and your commitment to quality equine nutrition.

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